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MEDTEC & EMDT Innovation Award 2012

RRC is finalist of the 1st MEDTEC Innovation Award

UBM Canon, organisers of the MEDTEC Europe Exhibition and Conference in Stuttgart are pleased to announce a major new initiative to recognise the contribution made by the European based Medical Device Industry in the promotion of a better standard of life and improved human health around the world.

The MEDTEC EMDT Innovation Awards are the premier awards program for the medical device industry in Europe, recognizing the achievements of medical product manufacturers and for the groundbreaking innovations that are changing the face of healthcare.

In six categories, companies were awarded with top-quality medical technology by an independent jury, made up of prominent representatives of science, industry and media. In total 63 applications were received.

In the category of "Outstanding Contribution to the Industry" RRC power solutions was one of  the three finalists with the theme of "wireless power and data transmission."

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