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About us

Guangzhou VAT Battery is a high-tech enterprise that professionally engages in battery research, development and production. Since found, we have embedded leading technology and combined it with domestic manufacturing skills to develop a new battery producing system.

Through delicate effort of our professional elite in power industry and constructive technology exchanges with world class battery producers, VAT has established good reputation among customers and business partners. Meanwhile, VAT battery has become a world famous brand for its continuous innovation.

After years of development, VAT now has been a professional and international enterprise in lead acid battery industry. Our main products include bothvalve regulated sealed lead acid battery and Colloid Battery.

Year after year, VAT constantly pursues the improvement of product quality. It has successively obtained many qualifications and certification, such as: ISO9001:2015, CE;ISO14001:2015,UL, CE Export License, etc. All VAT batteries have become entirely favourable for their reliable quality and perfect after-sales service. Our products cover more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East. Products are widely used in banks, telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, taxation, health care, education, military, government agencies, researching institutes, mechanical and industrial enterprises.



Contact: Ms Annie Lin

Phone: 86-18620668772

Tel: 020-28912293/38837892

Email: vatbattery@hotmail.com

Add: 503,Tianrun Building,No.259 Huangpu Avenue,Tianhe,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China

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